What are the advantages of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

Swynoo is a “Software-as-a-Service” platform (SaaS). In this context, “SaaS” refers to cloud-based software whose operation and maintenance is taken over by the provider (Swynoo) and which can be “cancelled” at any time if required. The users’ computers only need to have a web browser. The data is physically located on the provider’s server, which thus also ensures its security as part of the SaaS contract (privacy policy). The enormous advantages of SaaS products are now widespread and have been proven many times over.

What are the concrete advantages of SaaS solutions like Swynoo?

Low initial investment and liquidity-friendly:

Leasing, and thus the liquidity-preserving distribution of a large investment over the time axis, has become successfully established. This also applies to software investments.

Pay per use:

SaaS users only spend money on what they really need. With Swynoo, too, monthly billing is dynamic. The optimal solution can be adapted much more precisely to current needs, because many SaaS providers also offer short notice periods (in the case of Swynoo, to the end of the next month). This reduces the overall operating costs for enterprise software and improves cost transparency.

The solution is always up to date:

Since Swynoo takes care of it, as a Swynoo user you can be sure that you are always using the latest version.

High software quality:

SaaS solutions that run in the cloud need to be of higher quality and less prone to errors. This is partly because users are less fault-tolerant with software used online than with software installed on a PC, and partly because SaaS must be “armed” immediately and therefore work well first time.

Relieving the burden of IT tasks:

When used in conjunction with other IT services, SaaS significantly reduces users’ IT workload, allowing them to focus on their core business, which is much more profitable. In addition, SaaS users currently have a hard time finding their own IT staff to manage IT or outsource their IT directly.

Increased data security:

Yes, you read that right. A SaaS solution offers higher data security than an on-premises solution. This is true not only for securing against data loss, but also for securing against unauthorized access or disclosure of data as a single company.

This list is not exhaustive. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Swynoo as Software as a Service, please contact us directly.