What are the real benefits of real-time tracking of the vehicles to be dispatched?

Real-time tracking, of the vehicles to be dispatched, is an important part of today’s disposition.

Real-time tracking is a technology that makes it possible to track the position of vehicles in real time. Swynoo enables not only the query of the current positions, but also a daily view, which clearly displays the current status of the vehicles. We have compiled 5 reasons why this technology brings advantages in daily dispatching:

Increased efficiency: by knowing the current position vehicles as well as the status of deliveries, dispatchers can react quickly and make adjustments if there are delays or unforeseen events. This can help ensure delivery times are met and vehicle utilization is optimized.

Cost savings: By avoiding empty runs and optimizing routes, the company can save on fuel and maintenance costs. The time spent planning routes can also be reduced.

Reducing planning errors: Real-time tracking makes it possible to react in real time to changes in routes or delivery times, thus minimizing planning errors.

Improve customer satisfaction: By knowing the current position of their vehicles, dispatchers can provide customers with more accurate delivery times and better respond to requests for changes in delivery times.

Increasing transparency: Real-time tracking enables a company to monitor the position of its resources and their usage, and thus make better decisions.

In summary, the use of real-time tracking in vehicle dispatching provides companies with greater flexibility and control over their business processes. Real-time tracking can thus help them achieve their goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.